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We aim to be a build-to-print manufacturing company for the Aerospace, Racing and Industrial sectors, providing a full-service, customer-focused commodity.

Helical and Spur Gears, cut using hob or shaping cutters, with shaved or ground finish, up to max 400mm outside diam. and max module 5.

Teeth grinding up to min. 25mm internal diam.,  Spline Shafts with Ground Teeth by max tooth length of 450mm, very small grinding wheels to grind very close to the shoulder, CNC machined Elliptical Gears.

Spiral Bevel Gears, Gleason design, up to 270mm outside diam.  and max module 6, with lapped or ground finish; Klingelnberg design, up to 270mm outside diam. and max module 4,5.