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Heat Treatment

In a market where technology is a deciding factor, CIMA leaves no stone unturned in order to achieve state-of-the-art levels of innovation and competence. The heat treatment department is a demonstration of its commitment to both CIMA Productive Unities and all external Customers.

CIMA applies traditional protective atmosphere heat treatments:
  • Construction steels hardening and tempering
  • Stress relieving
  • Annealing in atmosphere
  • Tempering in nitrogen up to 650° (on finished parts) and up to 720° in air (for semi-manufactured product)
  • Complete steel hardening and tempering treatment for cold forming
  • Stabilizing and relieving for steels and cast iron
  • Carburizing, quenching and tempering
  • Carburizing with air cooling
  • Gas nitriding

Plus a LOW PRESSURE furnace dedicated for treatments such as:
  • Low pressure carburizing and hardening
  • Oil and nitrogen quenching of mechanical steels
  • Controlled pressure gas quenching
  • Case hardening of stainless steel
  • Cryogenic Treatment (-80°)

The heat treatment department is a demonstration of its commitment to both CIMA Productive Unities and all external Customers based on their expertise of 40 years of experience.

Compared to other carburizing processes, low pressure carburizing processes provide:
  • High homogeneity
  • High penetration in small diameter holes
  • Surfaces perfectly clean and free from oxides after heat treatment
  • Perfect control of the structure
  • Perfect control of the carbon profile
  • Perfect reproducibility: computerised data processing

The major applications for this technology are: car and racing motorbike industries, Aerospace and Aircraft industries and Tool manufacturers. To serve these sectors CIMA has acquired wide experience in the treatment of Aubert & Duval materials which would normally not be treatable in controlled atmosphere furnaces.

The internal metallurgical laboratory performs chemical analysis control and metallographic characteristic analysis of materials before and after each thermal treatment.

Nadcap ® accreditation for preliminary and final treatments by additional furnace (Class 3C under AMS2750E) on course and planned to be completed in 2014.