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Special Processes

Non Destructive Tests
Available both at first part approval and final control, consisting of:

  NITAL ETCH inspection (processes comply with Nadcap ® accreditation planned by 2014) according to AMS 2649 and MIL-STD-867  
  MAGNETIC PARTICLE inspection according to ASTM 1444, ISO…. or customer’s specifications  
  METALLURGICAL LABORATORY suitable for chemical and mechanical analysis, quantometric analysis, hardness test (Brinnel, Rockwell, Super Rockwell, Vickers, Micro Vicker) according to UNI 6506 – ASTM E 10; UNI 6508 – ASTM E 18; UNI 6507 – ASTM E 384. We also perform as well metallographic, macrographic and failure analysis according to UNI 3244 – ASTM E 45  
  ISOTROPIC FINISH, a process used to enhance surface levels. Cima has gained extensive experience in this filed thanks to 15 years working in the motor racing sector.  
  With the assistance of our trusted outsourcers we can also provide:
• Shot-peening
• EDM electro-spark machining
• Laser and Electron Beam Welding
• Plasma coating (Molybdenum, Ceramic, WC)
• PVD Coating (WC/C, TIN, DLC)
• Dicronite ® Coating
• REM/ISF® Isotropic Superfinish