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Facts & Figures

For 70 years CIMA has been partnering with clients seeking advanced solutions for high performance transmissions and gears; it provides co-design, calculation, optimization, and industrialization services it employs.

CIMA has always been on the cutting edge not only in employing materials and heat treatments, but also in machining and special processes.

More than 140 technicians specialized in gear manufacturing and industrialization are employed in the CIMA plant built according to a state of the art energy saving profile.

Our quest for excellence is constant.
   more than 140 employees
  7% employed in
     Product Industrialization Dept.

 10% employed in
     Quality Assurance Dept.
UNI EN 9100:2009 and
   specific customer’s certifications

Special Processes internal capability

NADCAP® accreditation on course
         50% in industry sector

        35% in racing sector

        15% in aerospace sector