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Green Dimension

In compliance with the Coesia Group target to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, Cima has made important investments in order to use sustainable energy resources. An 895 KWp photovoltaic system and a thermal solar system were recently installed, resulting in the partial coverage of the plant’s energetic requirements.

The engineering study was aimed at the maximum exploitation of the coverage surfaces and thanks to the advanced technical solutions adopted, maximum benefit was obtained even from the less efficient areas.

The results of the project are summarized in the following table:

Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • Installation of 6.851 sqm of solar panels
  • Capacity for 950.000 kWh/year (90% for internal use / 10% sold)
  • Estimated plant life: 25 years
  • CO2 emission reduction: 610 T / year