CIMA: a story driven by a passion for gears since 1942

2018 2010

Large amount of investments in renewing the plant, machineries & human resources still on course to support expansion in aerospace sector. NADCAP accreditations for Heat Treatment, NonDestructive Testing and Chemical processes have been reached.

History Coesia
2010-2000 history

2010 2000

In 2002 the new treatment plant for low pressure vacuum carburizing and gas quenching is implemented contemporary the development of a new six speed gearboxe finished, it will be the landmark for all the street legal hypercar. 
In 2009 the COESIA Group’s goal to cut atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions leads CIMA to install an 895 kWp photovoltaic solar panel system.

2000 1980

CIMA becomes part of the CSII Group which will later be called COESIA Group.

History 2000-1980
History 1980-1950

1980 1950

CIMA starts collaborating with "Formula One Teams", producing gears for engines and transmissions. Thanks to this collaboration in 1970 CIMA’s Heat Treatment Department is opened, specialized in manufacturing processes for gears.

1950 1942

In 1942, Costruzione Italiana Macchine Attrezzi (CIMA - Italian Machine Tool Company) is founded. In 1946 CIMA starts its own gears manufacturing  as well as the realizzation of gear cutting machines.

1950-1942 history