Founded in 1942 as a manufacturer of gear cutting machines, CIMA saw a future in gear production after only four years. In the 1950’, when the collaboration with Formula One Teams started, CIMA began specializing in the motor sector, internally developing highly specific processes that immediately made it a point of reference.

Leading the evolution of production in its area, CIMA has been able to respond promptly to the needs of the new industries in the Motor and Packaging Valley on the strength of a well-established reputation and increasingly in-depth expertise. This reputation was recognized and in 1980 CIMA became a part of CSII Group, which later became Coesia.

CIMA never stopped its desire to grow and reach for the sky in more than one way. In 2009 it became part of the aerospace sector, achieving important awards and certifications for the quality of its processes and products. Then, to allow the air of the world to stay clean, CIMA installed its 895 kWp photovoltaic solar panel system raising the bar for green manufacturing.

CIMA’s growth over these eighty years of history has been possible not only thanks to the great achievements, but also to the people who made them possible.

Thanks to our employees, for the commitment and professionalism which drove our productivity and customer satisfaction.

Thanks also to our customers, for the continuous trust and collaboration to achieve together the best result.

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