Taccella Elektra

Introducing the TACCHELLA ELEKTRA LINEAR X 1200, CIMA's newly installed high precision grinder to stay ahead of the competition.


CIMA has proudly introduced in its machine fleet a new grinding machine, enhancing its capabilities in precision engineering and manufacturing of gears: the Tacchella Elektra Linear X 1200. This cutting-edge and versatile machinery enables CIMA to apply specialized machining processes to meet the demand of new developments and high-performance applications, for maximum accuracy.  

Equipped with advanced diametral grinding technology, the Tacchella Elektra excels in precision machining tasks and offers a wide range of capabilities for the creation of outer and inner diameters, in particular polygonal or non-round shapes, and ensuring flexibility in design and manufacturing. 

Thanks to the dual external right/left grinding wheel, this machine can realize two shims simultaneously, guaranteeing a tolerance of less than 0.005 mm. Finally, the integration with advanced software allows the machine high flexibility, the perfect technology for the customization in manufacturing processes. 

The Tacchella Elektra is specifically suitable for producing prototypes and small batches for high-performance segments. Its advanced features and the ability of handling complex shapes with precise specifications, allows CIMA to be a fundamental partner for modern manufacturing environments seeking top-tier quality and precision, combining advanced features with reliability and efficiency

If you are curious to explore how we can assist you in facing the ever-changing gear market request, contact us for more info! 

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