Heat Treatments

Standard and low-pressure carburizing processes and metallurgical analyses

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  • TECHNOLOGY: Gears & Transmissions
  • INDUSTRY: Aerospace, Industrial Goods, Automotive & Racing
  • SEGMENT: Actuators, Engines, Fixed Wings, Rotary Wings, Other Aerospace, Compressors, Machinery, Maritime Applications, Mechanical Tools, Robotics, Other Industrial Goods, Gears, GT & Performance Cars, Other Racing, Racing & Sports Cars, Top Bikes

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More Information
Other infoWith more than 45 years of experience in the sector CIMA can provide customers with preliminary or final heat treatments through vacuum and traditional fournaces, such as: - annealing & normalization - case hardening & carburizing - quenching and tempering - ageing - sub-zero treatment - gas nitriding. (Certifications for heating treatments of Aerospace components from the major customers. Obtained NADCAP accreditation in 2017)