High-precision Gears

CIMA: An 80-year journey in customized racing solutions 

In the world of racing, where every fraction of a second can make the difference between victory and defeat, the precision and reliability of components are of vital importance. In this context, CIMA stands out as a leading player, providing tailor-made solutions that ensure superior performance on the most demanding race tracks. With over eighty years of experience, CIMA - which is revolutionizing the e-mobility industry - has consolidated its position as a leader in producing high-precision gears, essential for ​​automotive, motorcycle, and nautical competitions. 

A unique approach for each customer 

CIMA began its journey in the world of racing in the 1950s, supplying components for the earliest Formula 1 teams. Since then, the company has continued to expand its offerings, collaborating with Formula E, Moto GP, and rally teams, by providing gears that are often crucial for success in races. 

CIMA’s approach is based on extreme customization of its products: each component is designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of clients, thanks to a continued collaboration with their engineers. This co-design process allows for optimizing every detail of the gears, from the choice of materials to the manufacturing technique to the final quality inspection. 

Innovative materials and ongoing technical support 

In the racing components sector, nothing can be left to chance. CIMA uses the most advanced technologies and the strongest and lightest materials available on the market. The selection of materials is driven by the need to ensure maximum durability and performance, even under extreme conditions. Additionally, CIMA’s ability to perform heat treatments - standard and low-pressure carburizing processes and metallurgical analyses - in-house allows for precise quality control over the final properties of the parts. 

Moreover, the company provides continuous technical support to ensure that the elements perform at their best, working closely with race teams to constantly optimize the components and improve the overall performance of the vehicles. 

CIMA is committed to ensuring the highest quality of its products through rigorous quality checks and international certifications. These quality controls include metallographic and chemical analysis, initial inspection, magnetic particle inspection, dimensional checks on 3D machines, profiling, and roughness measurement to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of precision and reliability. 

Another strength of CIMA is its ability to quickly respond to the specific needs of production with high flexibility, providing both large and small batches in a short time. CIMA's adaptability in handling small batches allows racing teams to maintain the necessary flexibility and speed and can help companies or start-ups to rapidly achieve their new projects and goals. 

Additionally, CIMA guarantees fast delivery, ensuring that teams receive the critical components they need without delay, further enhancing their competitive edge. 

A deep understanding of the industry 

CIMA's long history in the industry allows it to deeply understand the unique challenges of motorsport: this experience translates into an unparalleled ability to quickly respond to customer needs. The dedication to excellence and continuous improvement has made CIMA a benchmark for those looking for not just a supplier, but a true partner in the design and implementation of advanced engineering solutions

CIMA can be deeply involved in the initial stages of component development, thanks to its services of co-design and prototyping. This offer allows racing teams to test and optimize gears and transmissions before final production with the support of CIMA's experts, ensuring that every detail is perfectly tailored to the vehicle's specific needs and guaranteeing exceptional performances on the track. Key aspects to achieving this are high precision, reliability, tight tolerances and superior materials. 

The most prestigious racing teams rely on the company to supply key components for their vehicles, knowing they can count on the quality, reliability, and performance offered by the company. These partnerships have led to numerous successes in automotive competitions around the world. 

A reliable partner for success 

CIMA is not just a company that manufactures gears; but a symbol of excellence in the world of racing, a partner that every racing team would want by their side to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. In the dynamic world of this sector, where every detail can influence the outcome, CIMA represents a guarantee in terms of customized design, tailor-made production, and continuous technical support: a valuable partner for engineering and producing new gears gaining to its customers a competitive advantage on the track. 

If you want to discover more on how CIMA can take your racing project to the next level, write to us at sales@cimaingranaggi.it


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