E-Mobility with Cima

Revolutionizing transportation: the journey to e-mobility with CIMA

A new mobility era 

The mobility sector stands on the brink of an unprecedented revolution, driven by the unstoppable rise of electric mobility. In this scenario, the automotive industry is facing challenges of gigantic proportions, such as reducing CO2 emissions and the growing demand for sustainable vehicles. 

​​​To begin with, reducing vehicle carbon emissions will be a focal point. Ambitious goals to drastically reduce the use of conventionally fueled cars by 2030 and eliminate them by 2050 in the context of urban transportation are set for the next decades. It is also necessary to develop a zero CO2 emissions urban logistics system by 2030, with aviation targeting 40% sustainable low-carbon fuels by 2050. The European Union commits to reducing CO2 emissions in maritime transport by 40-50% by 2050. Aligned with these goals, the European Green Deal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by 90% compared to 1990 levels by 2050. Increasing the production and dissemination of sustainable alternative fuels, along with enhancing multimodality, is essential to achieve climate neutrality and reduce the environmental impact of the transportation sector, underscoring the crucial importance of electric vehicles in this context. 

The evolution of transportation also involves a necessary evolution in the mechanical design of vehicles, which places significant emphasis on features such as noise, and weight reduction. These are essential aspects of maximizing energy efficiency and improving the driving experience. This mechanical evolution not only contributes directly to reducing the environmental impact of transport but also represents a key element in defining the standards for future mobility. 

In this context, the importance of a technology partner who can understand these dynamics and drive innovation is fundamental. 

CIMA: your best partner for an electric future 

With over 80 years of experience and strong focus on quality, CIMA provides advanced solutions for high performance transmissions, consultancy service for co-design, calculation and gears industrialization searching for solutions that anticipate the needs of a rapidly evolving market. The company is active in the e-mobility sector across the board: from aerospace to next-generation transmissions for industrial automobiles and Formula E racing cars. In this new mobility era, CIMA emerges as the best partner to guide its customers towards the future of electric transport. 

Efficiency, reliability, and customization: the key elements of our solutions 

Today, we provide revolutionary products that redefine vehicle behavior. Leveraging advanced techniques and materials, we produce complex and lightweight gears and solutions for transmissions, thereby increasing automotive efficiency and battery life without sacrificing strength. Furthermore, our precision engineering eliminates noise and vibration, ensuring a much smoother driving experience. 

With CIMA, you can expect more than just a solution. We promise you optimized performance, reliability, and enhanced efficiency. We are minimizing energy losses and maximizing the power of electric propulsion, setting new benchmarks for performance. Our commitment to reliability means our solutions are built to last, assuring maximum operation even in the harshest conditions. And with our bespoke customization options, we are ready to face the challenges of any electric vehicle platform. 

Unique expertise: the integration of aerospace and racing 

Our product redefines expectations in the electric mobility gear market, positioning itself at the top thanks to an innovative strategy that blends sophisticated aerospace engineering with the cutting-edge technology used in racing; particularly Formula 1. 

The adoption of methodologies and materials derived from the aerospace industry allows us to achieve gears high standards required from the sector.  Concurrently, the integration of techniques from the world of racing further optimizes our gears to maximize efficiency, responsiveness, and power transmission. 

This unique approach not only ensures that each component meets the high grade of resistance, precision, and reliability demanded in these industries, but also pushes performance beyond traditional limits, ensuring superior durability and resilience under all operating conditions. 

CIMA: the best partner to guide customers towards the future of electric mobility 

Constant investments in new technologies, vast experience gained over more than eighty years of corporate history, unwavering passion, and hard work are only a few of what drives our energy. CIMA is not just a supplier; it is a strategic partner for those looking to the future of electric mobility with ambition and determination. 

If you want to discover more on how CIMA can take your electric mobility project to the next level, write to us at sales@cimaingranaggi.it.

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